Baptism- Beginning Your Journey with Holy Trinity Parish

It is our hope to be open and welcoming to new families and to ensure we are nurturing and helping you to become full participating Catholic Christians in our community of Holy Trinity Parish.  It is important for us to help your family grow in faith and offer learning, love and support while raising your children in the Catholic community.  To be a follower of Christ is a lifelong journey and begins with the first step of Baptism.  It is not a journey you take alone but one we travel together in support of each other.  We want everyone to feel welcome but at the same time it takes sacrifice and discipline to be followers of Christ and begins with a commitment to support each other and the church.  

Below you will find instructions on the steps to take to begin your family‚Äôs journey with us.  Links are included to several forms and documents which contain requirements and questions relating to your faith commitment and desire for Baptism in the Catholic faith. 

Parents and Godparents are expected to attend a class.  To inquire about baptism complete the inquiry forms below and contact the Parish Office at 989-879-2141.   Currently our Baptism class facilitator is unable to offer live classes so we are forwarding parents to attend the baptism classes at Ascension Press found at this link:   The cost is $9.95 a person and both parents are expected to take the class.  Please complete the Inquiry Forms below and send it with your inquiry to the parish before attending the class.
See the Baptism forms below for more information.