Fr. Kevin’s Column 11/28/2021

Dear friends of God, Happy Advent!

Advent is the beginning of our liturgical year. It is a moment of new beginnings as we prepare for Christ’s birth in Bethlehem 2000 years ago and every day in our hearts. Advent is a time when we recognize that God always keeps his promise to be present to us.   The prophet Jeremiah reminds us that “The Lord is our justice.”   From his chosen people God has raised up a savior, Jesus Christ. We are fortunate that God is his love has shared the gift of the Messiah with the whole human race and all of creation. St. Paul’s first Letter to the Thessalonians reminds us that God desires that we “…abound in love for one another and all…”. Advent is a time to begin to love again. Our world certainly needs to enter in the Advent mode of living where we place the love of all at the center for our lives and our choices. We believe that God is love and when we fail to love our neighbor, our enemy and ourselves, we fail to live as God desires us to live in harmony and peace. It is fitting that Advent is a new year for us because it is an opportunity to be the loving people that we have been created to be as we await the birth of the incarnation of Divine Love.

Love is more than words. Love is reflected in our actions. Love is as simple as sharing our daily bread or daily spaghetti. Advent is a time of prayer and almsgiving in a similar way to Lent, but this gets forgotten in our consumer-addicted culture. I want to encourage us to assist our local Pinconning Area Emergency Food Pantry with this Reverse Advent Calendar. You can simply leave your contributions in the pantry box which is found at the entrance of our church.

Let’s offer care for our Pinconning community as we prepare for the coming of the Christ Child on Christmas.

December 1 box of cereal
December 2 peanut butter
December 3 stuffing mix
December 4 boxed potatoes
December 5 macaroni and cheese
December 6 canned fruit
December 7 canned tomatoes
December 8 canned tuna
December 9 brownies
December 10 jar of applesauce
December 11 noodles
December 12 stuffing
December 13 canned pork & beans
December 14 box of crackers
December 15 package of rice
December 16 package of oatmeal
December 17 package of spaghetti
December 18 spaghetti sauce
December 19 chicken noodle soup
December 20 tomato soup
December 21 can corn
December 22 can mixed vegetables
December 23 can carrots
December 24 can green beans


As Catholics, we have a three-year cycle of readings for our weekend liturgies. They are called Year A, Year B and Year C. We have just completed year B and are now entering Year C. Year C is primarily dedicated to the Gospel of Luke. As preparation for this year, you might find it helpful to read that Gospel. It will give a large snapshot of the Gospel of Luke and how Jesus is portrayed in that Gospel. As Catholics, many of us still struggle with reading Scripture.   Take some time, it might surprise you!


May God bless you in the love that you share during this new year and as we anticipate the coming of Christmas soon and very soon.
Much love,
Father Kevin