Fr. Kevin’s Column 9/26/2021

Dear friends of God,


A number of years ago, I came across a way of glimpsing how God is active in our lives. It is beginning to see that Jesus is the Teacher Within. I originally saw that way of seeing Jesus as the title for a book and it touched my heart in such a way that it continues to have an impact on my own experience of Jesus. I have intentionally capitalized that since it is a reminder that Jesus in his divinity, has shared the fullness of God’s life within each of us. Jesus is the Teacher of all teachers. We traditionally believe that Jesus is the Logos; that is, the Word of God.   John’s gospel begins with the Word: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” The Word is God’s creative spark enlivening all of creation from the moment that creation began with the Big Bang. A friend of mine is a Dominican priest and theologian. He often says that “God creates evolutely;” meaning that God creates through the evolution. During the evolutionary process God gave humanity a soul which truly made us human. Throughout all of time, and even before time as we know it, God was sharing the life of the Trinity through the gift of the Logos, the Word. When God was ready, the Word became flesh in Jesus Christ. Jesus was born because it has always been God’s desire to share the fullness of life with us-his creation. God continually loves us with a love beyond our understanding. Because of that unconditional love, God continually shares his Word with us.

The Carmelite mystic St. John of the Cross offered this usage of the Word: ‘The Father spoke one word from all eternity, and he spoke it in silence, and it is in silence that we hear it.” This is why it is so important to take silence during our time of prayer. In our prayer, we certainly need to talk with God, but at the same time we simply need to sit in the silence of God’s presence: Sitting with Jesus, the Teacher Within.

God our Father continually shares the Word with us and the word that Jesus, the Word of God continually says to all of creation is peace. That was the first word that came out of his mouth after the resurrection.   Christ always calls us to peace just as our creator God always shares his Word with us. It is a reminder to me that words matter…the Word matters.   It is so easy for us to forget that words matter and rather speak and act for peace act in a way that obstructs the Word in our hearts and in our world. Jesus, the Teacher Within is continually showing the way of peace because Christ is peace itself. In a world of violence and division, we are to be people of peace and nonviolence. We have the capacity to move mountains for a new world where God reigns with peace, mercy and compassion.

This morning I presided at our school Mass. I remind the kids that they will learn so much in our school in areas like math, science, social studies and English. These are essential areas of study and will prepare them for life. I told them that God has given them their brains and their gifts and talents not simply for their own benefit but for the life of the world. God has made us his own and calls us to share our lives with our sisters and brothers. The most important things that our children will learn at St. Michael’s School are about God, and the skills to grow in relationship with the God who has loved each of us even before the dawn of creation.


May each of us be open to Jesus our Teacher Within.
Much Love, 
Fr. Kevin